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How To Find The Perfect Hiking Trail

Are you interested in going hiking? Whether you would like spend one day hiking or five days, you will need to find a hiking park to visit and a hiking trial to hike. Although you can choose to go on any hiking trial that you want, you may want to take the time to find and choose the best one. ...

Geocaching: A Fun Way To Get Outdoors

If you’re tired of hiking the same trail or picnicking at the same park, then Geocaching may be exactly what you’re looking for. Geocaching, pronounced gee-o-cashing, is the high tech version of a treasure hunt. Armed with nothing but a handheld GPS unit and a thirst for excitement, you’re off for ...

Saving Money On Your Camping Supplies

Buying camping supplies can be relatively inexpensive and easily kept within a budget provided that you are willing to do a bit of research and spend some time comparison shopping for the best possible deals. For those that are just getting starting in acquiring camping supplies and gear, a great ...

Basic Hiking Safety

We've compiled a list of gotcha’s that can be applied to any outdoor adventure. I urge you to print this out and store with your outdoor gear. Hiking can be a most rewarding distraction from the daily grind, but safety should NEVER be taken for granted! Preparation 1) Plan your hike. You are ...

What To Consider When Choosing A Campground

Are you interested in taking a camping trip? Whether you are interested in going camping alone, with your family, with your romantic partner, or with a group of your friends, you will need to find a campground to camp at. While many individuals just choose to go camping at the nearest campground, ...

Camping Essentials 101

If you’re planning to head out camping in the great outdoors, but you’re not exactly a seasoned camper, you may want to take a few moments and think about the kinds of things you’ll need while spending time outside. If possible, grab a seasoned camper and take him or her along with you – they’ll be ...

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